To become the next-generation leading pan-Asian data centre platform, delivering digital growth, reliably and sustainably, into high potential markets. Our aim is to be a highly disruptive developer and operator, by leveraging renewable energy sources together with innovative data centre infrastructure to deliver the most sustainable capacity for this rapidly growing region.

Customer Demand

The massive growth of digital economies fuelled by significant improvements in telecoms infrastructure in tier 2 markets has driven a corresponding need for high capacity data centre infrastructure. Additionally, high land prices, increased regulatory burdens, a lack of directly generated renewable power sources and market saturation are driving growth away from traditional hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Clean Energy.
We aspire to power our data centres only with electricity generated from genuinely sustainable sources. We see renewable energy credits as at best a stop-gap in any operator’s path to carbon neutrality.
Construction Oriented
Our purpose is to build new capacity rather than buying existing sites. We value long term relationships over transactions by creating value for our customers at every step.
Local Expertise
We complement Evolution’s expert team with prominent local partners who supplement our on-the-ground capabilities.