Our Approach


To be the leading, next generation Asian data centre platform. Delivering digital growth, reliably and sustainably, into high potential markets. We are a highly disruptive developer and operator, leveraging renewable energy sources, together with innovative data centre infrastructure to deliver the most sustainable capacity for this rapidly growing region.

Customer Demand

The massive growth of digital economies, fuelled by significant improvements in telecoms infrastructure in tier 2 markets has driven a need for high-capacity data centre infrastructure. Additionally, high land prices, increased regulatory burdens, a lack of directly generated renewable power sources and market saturation are driving growth away from traditional hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong.

The trend towards data centre decentralisation has also contributed to the shift away from traditional hubs. Cloud and content companies are distributing data centre workloads and content across multiple locations to reduce latency and improve reliability. This also enables them to comply with data sovereignty requirements, optimise costs, enhance scalability and provide a better customer experience.

Clean Energy
We aspire to power our data centres with electricity generated only from genuinely, local, sustainable sources. This is done by exploring the use of onsite power generation, as well as offsite power generation via long term corporate Power Purchase Agreements, where available. We would use Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) at best, as a stop gap measure, in a client’s sustainability journey to achieve carbon neutrality.
The focus of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives is to promote sustainability, minimise environmental impact and ensure ethical practices. Their aim is to reduce energy consumption, increase the use of renewable energy sources and manage water resources efficiently. Additionally, we uphold data privacy and security, respect social and labour issues, maintain transparent governance practices and are a good corporate citizen for the local community.
Local Content
Our Local Partners are true joint ventures, where we share the risk and reward of our in-country capital deployments. It is a true collaboration, where they understand the local market having deployed significant infrastructure themselves and we understand how to design, deploy and operate Data Centres. Together we are stronger.