The secret to success in tier 2 data centre markets


This month Capacity Magazine has featured an interview with our CEO Darren Webb about why Evolution focuses on new markets in southeast Asia and how sustainability is key when creating new data centre capacity in the region.

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Interview with Damon Lim from Data Center Hawk


See this interview with our CEO Darren Webb, on Rising to the Challenge of Sustainable Data Centres in Asia, where they discuss sustainability and the Evolutions strategic approach in high-growth emerging markets in Asia.

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Thailand – an outstanding country for digital development


EDC is proud to be developing a sustainable hyperscale date centre in this exciting region.

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Accelerating Thailand’s Digital Ecosystem, Evolution DC (Thailand), a joint venture company with Central Pattana, announces a collaboration with International Gateway (IGC) to develop advanced network infrastructure.


New partnership between Evolution DC Thailand, Central Pattana and International Gateway (IGC) to deliver an advanced telecommunication network for our data centre development in Thailand.

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A Word with Ward


This week our CEO Darren Webb, was featured in the Word with Ward podcast hosted by Ward Hampton. The series focusses on entrepreneurs in the Data Centre industry, who share their experiences of founding, scaling or exiting high-growth data centre businesses.

Darren, shares his reasons for co-founding Evolution Data Centres, his vision for the company and his perspective on sustainability in the data centre industry in Southeast Asia.

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Practical alternatives for sustainable standby power in APAC


Evolution has a sharp focus on all aspects of data centre sustainability, in this article Simon Hamer discusses the alternatives fuels for standby power generation.

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Evolution featured in APAC Outlook magazine


We have just had a great article published in APAC Outlook magazine following a recent interview with our CEO and co-founder Darren Webb about sustainable data centre growth in emerging markets.

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Evolution Data Centres feature in W.Media Focus interview


We’re delighted to have been featured in a recent W.Media interview on Sustainability in the Data Center industry, in which we discussed greenwashing and what really needs to be done to walk the talk on sustainability in the data center industry.

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Banpu NEXT partners with Evolution Data Centres, to provide sustainable energy solutions for their Thailand and Vietnam data centres


Bangkok – Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu, a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific, together with Evolution Data Centres (EDC), a leading data centre provider, have joined forces to provide smart energy solutions for EDC’s data centres in Thailand and Vietnam.

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Thailand’s Leading Data Centre Companies Forge ‘Thailand Data Centre Council’ for Strategic Growth


Prominent data centre service providers converged today to officially establish the Thailand Data Centre Council through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. The council is a pioneering strategic alliance, a first-of-its-kind in Thailand, aimed at catapulting the country’s digital infrastructure to unprecedented heights.

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NT partners with Evolution DC (Thailand) to develop innovative data centre infrastructure


National Telecoms Public Company Limited (NT) has signed a cooperation agreement with Evolution DC Thailand Company Limited (EDC) to develop digital infrastructure and drive Thailand towards becoming an ASEAN Digital Hub.


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Cooling for High Density AI/ML/HPC Infrastructure


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have emerged as powerful business tools in almost every sector. In this article our CTO, Simon Hamer discusses the cooling options available to support these new demanding applications.

Image Credit: Intel Corporation

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My First Three Months at Evolution Data Centres


Joining a new organisation is always a new and exciting experience. We recently caught up with our Head Commercial, Owen Irving to find out what his first three months at EDC have been like. He shared his reflections on his journey so far, including why he chose to work for the company, his initial experience, the company culture and his priorities for the next six months.



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Evolution Data Centres feature in Warburg Pincus Video


We’re delighted to be featured in the portfolio profile video by our investment partner Warburg Pincus which talks about their continued commitment to develop digital infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

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Evolution Data Centres announces joint venture agreement with Central Pattana


Evolution Data Centres (EDC) today announced that they have signed a joint venture agreement with Central Pattana PCL to design, build and operate a state-of-the-art carrier-neutral data centre in central Bangkok. Central Pattana PCL is one of the largest property developers in Thailand. The company’s portfolio includes retail, residential, and mixed-use developments, as well as hotels and office buildings.

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Reducing Data Centre Environmental Impact with Waterless Cooling


Blog – Simon Hamer, Evolution Data Centres’ CTO on Waterless Cooling

Data Centres are fundamental to the functioning of the modern digital economy. They power everything from social media platforms and e-commerce sites to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. However, these facilities come with significant environmental costs and one of the most pressing challenges is the efficient cooling of IT infrastructure.

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Evolution Data Centres announces joint venture with Megawide to develop state of the art carrier-neutral data centre
Evolution Data Centres announces joint venture with Megawide to develop state of the art carrier-neutral data centre


Evolution Data Centres (EDC) today announced that they have signed a joint venture agreement with Megawide Construction Corp. (Megawide) to design, build and operate a state-of-the-art carrier-neutral data centre in the Philippines. Megawide is part of Citicore Holdings Investment Inc., who is also a major investor in renewable energy power generation businesses; property; and engineering, construction, and innovative infrastructure.

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Evolution Data Centres meets with President Marcos and his new Government
Evolution Data Centres meets with President Marcos and his new Government


Evolution’s co-founder and CIO Ed Martin-Sperry was recently invited to a roundtable discussion with President Marcos and his new Government


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Evolution Partners with Warburg Pincus to Develop Sustainable Data Centres in Southeast Asia
Evolution Partners with Warburg Pincus to Develop Sustainable Data Centres in Southeast Asia


Evolution Data Centres (EDC) has today entered into a programmatic joint venture with affiliates of Warburg Pincus for the development of sustainable hyper-scale data centres in the fast-growing cloud markets within Southeast Asia.

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Evolution Data Centres announces Sustainable Data Centre Charter


Partners with ENGIE Impact to ensure independent verification of their environmental commitment.

Evolution Data Centres today announced their Sustainable Data Centre Charter. This defines a clear set of ambitious sustainability measures, against which their entire Data Centre Operations will be assessed.

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Philippines Market on Singapore Business Review


A video interview with Singapore Business Review featuring Darren Webb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Data Centres.

How the Philippines’ ‘underserved’ data centre market can evolve toward growth and our thoughts on the great opportunities this creates in this very exciting market. 


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Evolution & Engie Impact


Evolution Data Centres partners with Engie Impact to create and measure challenging sustainability standards.

We are today announcing our partnership with ENGIE Impact, a sustainability consulting firm. They’ll help us define a relevant set of sustainability KPIs and will independently assess our progress toward them. For the full announcement, click below.

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Data Centre World QuickBite


A video interview featuring Edward Martin-Sperry, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Evolution Data Centres.

APAC is one of the fastest developing data centre regions in the world poised to enter a new cycle of growth, led by the region’s larger emerging markets.

We discuss the opportunities and challenges for emerging markets in APAC, tackling sustainability, delivering hyperscale data centre facilities with the minimum possible environmental impact and leveraging renewable energy sources.

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Should new Data Centres be built on greenfield or brownfield sites?


Greenfield or brownfield? There is no easy answer to the question of which has the least impact on the environment. At Evolution Data Centres we are committed to sustainable data centre construction and operation but choosing which way to go probably needs to be decided on a case by case basis. In this article we discuss the merits and challenges of both.

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Data Centre Sustainability Priorities


 Tackling sustainability is a daunting task for data centre operators. To affect positive change, we need to be challengers, but we also run a business, so our solutions have to be financially viable and mature enough to be deployed and managed in mission critical facilities.

Understanding and selecting the right technology from the wide range of sustainability solutions can be challenging. At Evolution Data Centres the top two questions that we always ask are “how feasible is this?” and “how impactful will this be?”.

In our quadrant model, we have ranked the various solutions by their feasibility vs their sustainability impact. Unsurprisingly, our key priorities are in the top right quadrant (high feasibility and high impact), while exploring tomorrow’s solutions are in other areas of the chart.

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Renewable Power Sources Ranking


Not all renewables are created equal. Particularly for data centres which need very reliable power supply, intermittency is a big issue. In this infographic we have ranked the key renewable types by their capacity factor (a measure of constancy), it highlights how attractive baseload sources like geothermal are for data centres compared to much-hyped wind and solar.

Today, Asia’s DC industry is behind other regions in using clean power. This is particularly regrettable because of the abundant supply of baseload renewables resources in the region.

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The Climate Conversations: What’s your video streaming got to do with climate change?


From streaming a movie on Netflix, to e-commerce and e-banking, we rely on data centres to process and communicate information at lightning speeds. Yet, they are energy and water guzzlers. How are governments balancing the lucrative opportunity of building more data centres, but also managing their large electricity footprint? And what does an eco-friendly data centre look like? Jaime Ho speaks to Darren Webb, co-founder and CEO of Evolution Data Centres, which specialises in sustainable data infrastructure.

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Data Centre Sustainability


At Evolution we are acutely aware of the full sustainable lifecycle of a Data Centre and take this into consideration as we plan, build, and operate our facilities.

Everything from choosing the correct location, material selection, efficient design, and renewable power source, through to how you will operate reflect on the level of impact these facilities have on the environment.

To ensure you cover the full lifecycle of a truly sustainable Data Centre you need to plan from initial conception though to commissioning. You need to incorporate this from initial concept to ensure you are really delivering a fully sustainable facility.

If not, are you too late?

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Money FM 893 Podcast


A podcast featuring Darren Webb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Data Centres.

“Weekends: Strategies to make Data Centers more environmentally friendly”

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#uptimepunks Podcast


A podcast featuring Darren Webb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Data Centres.

“Why there is no such thing as a green data centre”

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TMT Finance article


A new regional datacentre platform, named Evolution Data Centres, has been co-founded by former IO Data Centers’ Asia head Darren Webb and ING’s former Head of Asia TMT Corporate Finance, Ed Martin-Sperry, who formally joins in October 2021.

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Do we believe that Batam will be the new digital data centre hub?


Darren Webb CEO of Evolution, talks to the Straits Times about the potential of Batam for Data Centres.

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